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Gameplay mechanics and knights introduction

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

In Legends of the Round Table, you will experience the first part of Arthur's reign, marked by adventure, romance and conquest!

Banners of Sir Gawain, Sir Kay, Sir Silence, Sir Brastias and Sir Sagramore

A sneak peek of the gameplay

Unlike other RPGs, in LotRT, you don't control just one character, but all of the valiant knights of the Round Table. You can recruit up to 12 knights out of a total of 23. They gather around Arthur, whom you can play as during the major battles marking his reign.

Your knights each have their own traits, friendships and rivalries with some of their companions. Knightly qualities are categorized into four domains: body, soul, vocation, and inspiration. As knights age, their physical strength declines, but their soul endures eternally. Meanwhile, their vocation and inspiration intensify as they advance in knighthood and perform chivalrous deeds.

Your heroes can embark on a solo quest, but they can also venture out as a group. While their victories and achievements help them grow individually (inspiration points, vocation, honor, romantic relationships, marriages, new equipment), they primarily act for the kingdom. Thus, individual prowess and merit will reflect on the grandeur and prosperity of Britain! Indeed, thanks to the Glory Points earned during adventures, you can recruit more troops to start the next big battle in the best way possible!

Gif of Gawain in 2D illumination and in 3D at the Round Table

Knights introduction- Gawain

If there is a knight of great fame, known in many tales, it's Sir Gawain! Even his horse has become legendary under the name Gringalet! :)

He will be one of the first knights you can recruit in LotRT!

Unwaveringly loyal to Arthur, his uncle, he is the son of Lot and Morgause, and thus part of the Orkney clan. He first appears in Kulhwch and Olwen (written around 1100 AD) and throughout the Middle Ages in many texts, and more recently in the movie The Green Knight (2022).

He is one of the most flamboyant and charismatic knights of the legend. He knows the customs of the court and is very sociable, in addition to being an excellent rider. He will be a great asset in challenges that highlight grace, courtesy, and equestrian skills.

In legends, he is always there to help ladies and damsels, even if he doesn't truly commit to any of them. In LotRT, your choices can align with this portrayal, or lead him to an entirely different destiny!

Did you know?

The number of the Knights of the Round Table greatly varies according to sources, times, and authors: ranging from 12 (Robert de Boron) to over 1600 (Layamon), including 150 (Thomas Malory) or 366 (in the Perlesvaus). And the list doesn't stop there!

We chose twelve knights plus Arthur to embody this highly symbolic number representing achievement, a form of perfection in totality. From a medieval perspective, it recalls the twelve apostles gathered around Christ.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the general gameplay and introduction knights.

See you soon!

Clélia & the Artifice Studio team


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