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Fact Sheet

Developer:             Artifice Studio

Platforms:             Steam

Press & Contact:


Legends of the Round Table is a unique 2.5D narrative roleplaying and strategy game developed by Artifice Studio in Quebec, Canada. The game invites players to embody what being a knight in the 13th century was all about, while artfully weaving together authentic art, period-accurate music and genuine Arthurian tales. This unique experience will guide players through the real tenets of chivalry. From the hand-drawn illuminated manuscript art style to the thoughtfully composed original soundtrack, performed on period-accurate instruments, every detail contributes to the immersive experience.


The adventures in Legends of the Round Table are directly inspired by genuine fables and texts from the 13th Century, making it a captivating journey into the world of medieval lore. Players take on the role of managing the Round Table and its knights, navigating enigmas and engaging in polished turn-based horseback combat. Every encounter in the game is intended and impactful.

Legends of the Round Table aims to transport players into a rich and engaging era where chivalry and medieval legends come to life.


Assets & Branding


Yan Pépin: Director / Producer / CEO

Clélia Pulido-Ferrois: Narrative Designer

Francis Lauzon Duranceau : System architect

Pierre A: Graphic designer / traditional illumination

Anne-Laure Fidalgo : Programmer

Frédéric Normand : Programmer

Olivier Gagnon : Audio director / Programmer

Terry Perez Gervais : Sound designer

Thibaut Claeys : Art director / level designer / modeler

Matthieu Guido : Character designer

Lou Rigoudy : Animation director

Martin Garant : Animator

Wasi Ali Khan: Animator

Coralie Hugot : Animator

Christine Hantzo: Project Manager

Rémi Beaudet: Marketing & Communications

Karl S: Marketing & Communications


Anne Azéma: Voice

Joel Cohen: Lute

Shira Kammen: Vielle, Harp

Christa Patton: Woodwinds, Harp

Daniel Meyers: Percussion, Trumpet

Brad Michel: Sound Engineer

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