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Game Reveal!

Updated: Apr 23

We're excited to (finally) reveal Legends of the Round Table and offer a sneak peek at its content with this teaser!

Before we dive into the details, if you could take a moment to wishlist the game on Steam, that would help us a TON! The more wishlists LotRT gets, the more likely Steam is to show the game to new players, the more likely the project will be successful! Bonus: you get to check out our new Steam page we're quite proud of! 😅

We've teased bits of the game here and there, but haven't told you much of how it's played yet, so here's a sneak peek:

Legends of the Round Table is a narrative and strategic RPG where you lead the Knights of the Round Table as they journey through the legend of King Arthur. You'll face challenges, investigations and epic combats that truly matter: all of which emphasize chivalry and what being a 13th Century knight was like.

GIF showing a charge by one of the player's knights against an archer on foot.

As you know, the game is crafted by experts in medieval history, featuring authentic illuminated manuscript-style art, music composed and played on period-accurate instruments and adventures that are directly drawn from genuine stories of that era.

GIF showing the preparation of pigments for illumination and the tracing of lines.

There's a ton more to share; LotRT is a very deep and features-rich game and we can't wait for you to dive into the game and discover its secrets! 😉 So be sure to join our Discord, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube so you don't miss out on anything!

Oh and don't forget to let us know what you thought about the teaser and the game reveal by leaving a comment on Youtube!

Clélia & the Artifice Studio team


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