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The Green Knight, Medieval Fair and Demo!

Updated: Jul 9

Medieval Passion Fair

At the beginning of May (from the 3rd to the 6th), we had the pleasure of meeting some of you at the Medieval Passion Fair — and encountered many future players 😀 A PC at the booth allowed our visitors to test the game live.

Photo of our stand at the Medieval Passion Fair in Laval: visitors crowd in front of a screen showing the game. Members of our studio are on hand to answer visitors' questions!

We were super happy to see the number of curious people stopping by to ask about the game!

Photo of our stand at the Medieval Passion Fair in Laval: a vertical banner promoting our game (with knight illustration and our logo), the computer for testing the game, one of our team members, and part of the screen showing images of a game.

The Green Knight Adventure

We're ready to tell you a little more about another of our adventures, which is inspired by the poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by the anonymous poet known as Pearl.

As a reminder: a mysterious man covered in greenery comes to King Arthur's court to challenge one of the Knights of the Round Table to strike him. Normally it's Gawain who rises to the challenge and beheads him. The Green Knight picks up his head and proclaims that whoever accepted the challenge must receive the same blow from him, in a year and a day at the Green Chapel, in Wales.

Screenshot of the Green Knight adventure. In a manor house, one of our knights is talking to a lord at whose feet a hound lies.

Following the storyline of the original tale required adaptations to make it interactive and enjoyable to play. The symbols and layers of meaning, typical of tales and texts with a mythical background, have been preserved but also adapted to deepen certain aspects, provide explanations to the player, and achieve better coherence between gameplay actions and narration.

This adventure combines dreamlike sequences with moments of investigation and courtesy, as well as battles with monstrous creatures. And as you can see, it takes place in snowy landscapes...

We also greatly appreciated David Lowery's film The Green Knight with Dev Patel in the role of Gawain.

Screenshot from the Green Knight adventure. Six knights are shown with their arms raised around a frozen apple tree.

We have a playable demo coming soon and are looking for players to "playtest" LotRT! To do this, simply visit our Discord and select the "playtest" role. There, you will discover the game exclusively and, moreover, you will contribute to its improvement with your feedback! Needless to say, we extend a big thank you for your help and involvement 😊


For the Quebecois among you, have you heard of our new partner, Médiévales de Lanaudière? It's a large-scale family festival on the theme of history and mythology. With its international knights' tournament and re-enactments of five eras from the Middle Ages to New France, the Médiévales de Lanaudière brings legends to life! Children's activities, musical performances and an artisans' market are also on the menu.

During your visit, take part in the "Voyage dans le temps" game for a chance to win a copy of Legends of the Round Table! The event takes place on July 13 and 14 in L'Assomption, less than an hour from Montreal, and tickets are already on sale! Reserve your place now and save on the door price:

 Poster for Médiévales de Lanaudière, showing a knight in armor with his horse. A text specifies the date, place and theme: "July 13 & 14, 2024 - Parc Léo-Jacques, L'Assomption - Histoire Mythologie Terroir"

We hope you've enjoyed these few news items about the medieval fair held in Laval, Quebec, our adventure inspired by the Green Knight, and the game's demo!

Clélia & the Artifice Studio team


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