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Introduction of Sir Kay

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

GIF of Kay in 2D illumination and in 3D at the Round Table

Sir Kay is one of the many knights you can recruit and has what is probably THE most controversial and ambivalent personality at the Round Table!

He's the son of Sir Ector and the adoptive older brother of Arthur. When Arthur ascended the throne, he appointed his brother as his steward. While Kay is extremely loyal, he's primarily known for his wit, sharp character, and tendency to mock his adversaries. Yes yes, knights throw shade too! His strong and irreverent character often earns him grudges and enmities.

From the earliest texts of the legend, Kay appears at Arthur's side with a cantankerous, insolent, and cunning attitude. He isn't very courteous.. so it's best to avoid challenges that put good manners to the test! However, his natural authority and intelligence make him an outstanding tactician: he will excel in challenges of strategy and games, in addition to being a very capable lieutenant in the upcoming great battles.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction of Sir Kay, more knights will be coming very soon!

Clélia & the Artifice Studio team


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