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Introduction of Sir Pellinore

Sire Pellinore is without doubt the most fearsome knight of the Round Table! And as colourful as he is unique!

This patriarch, head of a family of great renown, shares a common ancestor with the famous Joseph of Arimathea, who collected Christ's blood in the Last Supper cup. Brother of Pellès, the future Fisher King, Pellinore's lineage was closely linked to the quest for the Grail. His sons include other illustrious knights such as Lamorak and Perceval.

He's a strong and talented character with few weaknesses, apart from grace. He's better off far away from situations that require smooth talking and elegance... Instead, he excels at exerting his will. A very good fighter, he has great stamina, both mental and physical: his threshold of fatigue and mortal injury will be reached less quickly.

Black and white illustration: Arthur spies the Glistening Beast with a serpent's head, a leopard's body, and deer-like legs.

This knight, impetuous, full of ardor and even a little wild, is obsessed with hunting (his favorite occupation!) and adventure. In medieval stories, he devotes himself entirely to tracking down The Questing Beast, a mythical creature that no hunter has ever managed to get close to. You can set off on the track of the Beast in a solo quest available only to Sire Pellinore!

We hope you enjoyed the introduction of Sir Pellinore. Look forward to discovering more knights in the very near future!

Clélia & Artifice Studio team


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