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The Tutorial Adventure: The London Tournament!

We recently finished the development of the very first adventure you'll encounter in LotRT, which will also serve as a tutorial! This adventure tells the story of the London Tournament in which Arthur must find a sword for his brother Kay, which he'll pull from the stone!

Starting the game with the event that made Arthur the King of Britain seemed to make a ton of sense! It's also likely one of the better known arthurian story. What do you think?

Wallpaper from the Tournament of London adventure showing two knights in close-up, fighting on horseback with swords.

If you're familiar with the arthurian mythos, a few things might pop in your mind when we're talking about King Arthur and the sword. A sword planted in the stone (or anvil) by Merlin, which can only be removed by the right individual. Another image is one of a sword held above water by a hand in a lake: that one was entrusted to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake!

Are both these swords the same one, or are there really two legendary swords? 🤯

Well, it depends! Different medieval texts developped their own variations relating to the sword(s)!

The first name that immediately comes to mind though is often Excalibur. This absolutely mythical sword is actually known under multiple names in the Middle Ages: Caledfwlch, Caliburnus, Calesvoln, Chastiefol etc. On the other hand, the sword in the stone was never really named, or was written interchangeably with Excalibur.

Wallpaper from the Tournament of London adventure, showing young Arthur removing the sword from the rock in front of an old man and a knight.

LotRT at ComicCon Montréal! 

We're delighted to have been chosen to host a booth with Legends of the Round Table under Loto-Québec's Indie Zone banner at ComicCon Montréal 2024 this year! If you'll be there, be sure to come find us and try out our new demo of the game! 

Illustration in flashy colors of a round sticker with note: Official Selection 2024 - Indie Games Zone - Loto-Québec

Pendragon - 6th Edition 

Our friends at Chaosium, publishers of the excellent tabletop role-playing game Pendragon, created by Greg Stafford, have just released the 6th Edition of the Pendragon rulebook, as well as an adventure about the Grey Knight, which you can get on their site

Core Rulebook" and "The Grey Knight": with hand-drawn illustrations of Gauvain and the Green Knight in the first book, and of a mysterious, ominous knight in the second. Noted: Available in hardcover and PDF - 12h June

If you like role-playing games, we think this is the best! And if you've never played one, but love Arthurian legends, there's no time like the present!  

On top of that, we're currently concocting a surprise with Chaosium, which should be coming in the next few months, and we're both delighted and very excited about this collaboration (which we'll be sure to keep you posted on)! 


The Artifice Studio team wishes you a great summer! Don't miss our next newsletter and all the latest news on your favorite platforms: Discord,  X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram et Youtube


Clélia & the Artifice Studio team


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